United Avionics, Inc. is a manufacturer of open wire, molded, encapsulated, braided and thermocouple electrical assemblies and wiring harnesses. The company is an acknowledged leader and global supplier to the aircraft, defense commercial and aerospace industries. (See customer / program section). UA provides critical components for a wide variety of programs including gas turbine engines, fixed and rotary wing aircraft, test cells, space exploration, rail transportation equipment and land and sea vehicles.

United Avionics, Inc. has the proven ability to meet and fulfill customer needs; improve existing products; and very often produce product for less cost through superior, more efficient designs and manufacturing techniques. UA is the right size for customer service - large enough to have the trained engineers, professional support staff and advanced equipment necessary to meet all customers requirements, and yet is small enough to provide direct, personal attention to every customer.

Conducting business with United Avionics, Inc. is an experience in personalized service, the very highest quality standards, fair pricing and a total commitment to excellence.